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Floating gifts and fascinating in their sea of indescribable colors, stunning in their beauty, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, Egadi Islands, precious and rare example of unspoiled nature. Immediately the first look opens the enchanted landscape: white beaches and rugged coastlines simultaneously, caves and green, as unexpected greenery in the middle of the crystal clear sea and kaleidoscopic. Marvel not only at the surface but also in depth, where the sea provides an always new undiscovered paradise. A wide variety of exhibits have resurfaced: lytic anchors and lead, and also amphorae from various backgrounds, are all evidence of the constant trade exchanges between the peoples of the Mediterranean dating back to Phoenician, up to the Middle Ages.

La mattanza del tonnoThe equally distinctive then the gastronomic aspect of the islands, since a new and forward-looking way of promoting tourism is now to pull the typical cuisine of a place to taste itineraries, which cross each other with the landscape and also with history of the same place. In the gastronomic tradition of the Aegadian the role of premier ladies up to the fish, especially tuna, of which was once the sea adjacent was very rich. This explains, for example because the original recipes of the island of Favignana tuna are unparalleled: many of them even have been handed down for generations, while others are more recent fruit of the creativity of the chefs of the place.

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